The Wonderful World of Online Dating — Innaugural Post

I’m a newly single woman. I’m an introvert. I work. A lot. Not the best combination for meeting new people. 

As each day passes, I realize how much harder it can be to meet someone, especially now that I’m not in school. 

For a long time I’ve thought “I’m not so desperate that I would EVER do online dating.” But I have several good friends who’ve met their spouse or longtime partner on a dating website. I began to think — maybe a program that systematically matches you up with others based on your likes and dislikes is a good idea… Less chance and “fate” required. Why limit myself and the dating pool? There might be someone in my small town I’ve never met and might never meet without he help of a dating app or website! 

So… I signed up. For several. Now, I figured there’d be your typical asshats but it’s actually far more amusing than I anticipated. And disgusting. And desperate. 

So I’d like to share with you the interesting people I’ve “met” so I’m not the only one laughing (or cringing).

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