First World Problems: Part I

I actually don’t mind being behind on the latest season of my tv show. Between Netflix and Hulu Plus I can watch episodes back-to-back without waiting for the next week’s episode or the next season premier. But it sucks when I’m all caught up and have reached the end of the series and the next season is months away. The Bones season finale has left me in suspense!

True first world problems.

That Awkward Moment: Part I

That awkward moment when you encounter an odor that at first you think smells delicious and makes your tummy grumble. Then you begin to question whether or not what you smell is actually tasty food wafting in the air or rank B.O. lingering in the halls… And your just not sure if you want to vomit or go grab some Chinese food (although I’m not sure the two are mutually exclusive).

Not So Fresh or So Clean but Thanks Outkast

I understand the biological mechanics behind why I poop after a shower but it doesn’t mean I have to like the fact that I just cleaned that shit up… Pun totally intended.

Squirty poops are especially the worst.

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