Proper Etiquette: Lesson I

I feel that there may be more than one lesson in proper etiquette as this blog progresses…

Let me tell you a pet peeve of mine: when people use the incorrect door to enter and exit a building.

You may be wondering “How can someone use a wrong door?” It’s quite simple. Most buildings have a set of doors – one for ingress and one for egress. The general rule of thumb for any movement in a public space (at least in ‘Merica) is that you keep to the right. This means that as you enter and exit a building, you should use the door to the right if there are two doors to use.

Now this is a simple concept, yes? So tell me, why is it then, people insist on using the wrong door and then proceed to give me dirty looks for walking through their open door?!? It baffles me. And is a giant pet peeve of mine. I think it has only become so aggravate since I’ve been a part of a college campus for over seven years now. Young people these days pay no attention to social etiquette.

So, take my comments to heart. Yes, it may require more effort to open the door in front of you, but don’t make me wait for you to walk through my door after you give me dirty looks for even thinking about making you wait.

I’m hot to trot today on this issue, folks.


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