To Run or Not to Run — NOT

You know that ecard that says “If we’re going for a run, there better be something to motivate me, like a clown with a knife chasing us.” Or something like that…

That’s how I feel about running. I’m really only going to run if it’s for my life.

I simply do not understand this new fad with running. I’ve noticed all my facebook friends jumping on this running craze/bandwagon. Which is fine for them! I have no objections because these are people that want to get healthy, fit, lose weight, gain confidence, etc.

But there are so many other better sports out there for people to learn that burn more calories, tone more muscles, etc.

Swimming is the first example that comes to mind. You don’t see very many 80-year-olds running the dirty dash or some other 5k/marathon type event. However, you do see 80-year-olds swimming. All the time! It’s a life long sport that allows you to work more muscles at once, burn a ton of calories and takes less time to burn the same amount of calories.

Ultimately, I will probably not jump on the running bandwagon. I may go for a jog with my spouse but I’ll slowly work on transitioning our workouts to the swimming pool 🙂


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